Enjoy a lifetime of adventurous, more satisfying cooking.

Wolf, Sub-Zero’s corporate companion, is as an exceptional line of easy-to-use cooking instruments. Wolf distills legendary professional heritage, power, and finesse into cooking equipment whose precise control ensures the dish you have in mind will be the dish you bring to the table.

Wolf’s ovens, ranges, and cooktops work hard, yet are beautifully designed to blend into the most elegant kitchens.

Wolf will inspire you to reclaim your kitchen.

Why make cooking products of exceptional quality if most people today are spending less and less time in the kitchen cooking? Over the decades, Americans have stepped out of the kitchen in favor of fast and convenient dinner solutions to the problem of a chronically busy lifestyle.

Wolf presents a compelling argument to slow down, relax and enjoy cooking again. Your family will feel nourished by the food and the investment by all who participate. Start small. Pledge to make two meals a week at home from whole, fresh ingredients. Let the adventure begin there and see where it takes you.


Get Inspired to Cook